"a new expansive and compelling perspective."

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Cathy Frank is a Sydney based artist & designer who works in both digital and analogue media.


From an early age, she demonstrated an innate artistic passion and continued to bring her creative obsession to fruition, building her body of work and evolving her craft.


Frank is inspired by the essentials of human existence, from birth, growth, emotion, aspiration, conflict, and mortality.


She exposes herself in her art, toying at the intersection between fantasy and reality, with her own continued exploration to understand the human condition. Frank Incorporates a sense of transition in her work through the use of varied media, layering textures, bright colour and photography.


Dipping her toes into simple pleasures, Frank also creates work that  highlightsthe softer side of life. Showing a cheeky side with  and happy dogs and fluffy cats, to floating into the sky in a psudeo-dream.


​Having developed her own visual vocabulary and distinctive style - Frank welcomes you to see the world how she sees it -  inviting you to experience our universe with a new expansive and compelling perspective.

Frank has been featured on the cover of the debut issue of Women Beyond 40 Magazine with her piece "The Brave Are Free", and has also appeared in Art/Edit Magazine as a featured artist, and was inducted into the CATC Design School Hall of Fame.

Frank has exhibited at The Other Art Fair  in Sydney and at Tortuga Studios as part of Kaleidoscope She was most recently a feature artist at The Inner West Artist Market.

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