At first you drip in unison with harmonious rhythm.


Over time your tap slowly turns, buckling under pressure, your tap streams. You watch as they turn tighter.


Streams turn to trickles and leaks sprout before bursting again. You try to be reliable, you try to drip again. They drip again, you’re in unison, it’s ok.


Your taps continue to change, they get older, weaker, you loose control, you can’t hold it in anymore, but you can’t give anymore either.You try to drip again.


They drip again, it’s ok.


Then suddenly, you both turn off.


In perfect harmony just as you started, it ended.



'Melancholy Melody' Collection 2021 original, mixed media hand-cut collage on textured watercolour paper. acrylic, pastels, pen. 297 x 420mm unframed. Portrait.

Perfect Harmony

  • The series explores the relationship between expectations and reality,  forever questioning yourself.

    ​Using hand-cut collage and acrylic paint to depict the intense reality of underachievement and inadequacy, whether sexually, creatively, or emotionally.