255 gsm Resin Coated (RC) Unique Pearlescent Surface Finish


  • A2 Print with artwork inset, signed on front
  • A3 Print to edge, signed on back.
  • A3 Print to edge, signed on back.


Will be sent out in 5 business days from order.


Artwork: The Brave Are Free. An ode, to all the sacrifices that all womxn have made, the pain, the suffering, but most of all their bravery.


Background story:

During the early hours of Sunday, November 29th 2020, I was dropped by my Uber driver barely two cars away from my apartment gate. I saw two men, drunk, barely 10 metres away.


I heard them talking loudly.


“Grab her"


I didn't want them to know I heard and I quickly walked up the footpath to my units, frantically buzzing to get upstairs... I turned around - they were waiting for me at the front gate.


Why didn’t I take my keys?


The door opened, I bounded upstairs and had a cigarette, shaking... I was thinking about if they were still there.


Was it a joke? They're just f*cking with me? Or were they going to hurt me, rape me, kill me?


The scenarios rushed through my mind, and I blamed myself - I shouldn't have worn that sexy dress, I shouldn't have been alone, I shouldn't have been out so late. I shouldn't have, I shouldn't have.




I was in front of my house.


Is nowhere safe?


This one really rattled me, I wish I could say this sort of thing hasn't happened before, but the fact that I was so close to home, it struck me. I am scared.​But I can't afford to be. We can't afford to be. Making this artwork was incredibly difficult. I would often become so overwhelmed with emotion, holding back tears as I paired images together, having to put my laptop away and regain composure.


I don't feel brave today, I'm still scared.


I'm worried that those two men from that night will continue to scare, harass and terrorise. I'm worried that I can't be alone at night, and that next time I won’t be so lucky.  But I need to be brave now.


We need to be brave.


This artwork means and represents so much, and when I look at it it makes me angry, it makes me hopeful, it makes me proud and it makes me BRAVE.


The brave are free.

The Brave Are Free